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Womens Roles During Times of War Essay - 1307 Words

Womens Roles During Times of War Despite the prevalence of war goddesses in most traditions from China to Greece to Ireland, women have been separated from the front lines of war for centuries. Western tradition claims that women are not made for war, but for household work: sewing, cleaning, cooking, and looking after children. Society told women to carry brooms in lieu of swords; to collect firewood instead of ammunition, and to keep house rather than protect a nation. Yet, for centuries, women have fought their peoples wars, even if they never lifted a sword or fired a rifle. We rarely hear of these women, though, because they were not on the front line. The AAS Online Exhibitions claims, The term war hero usually refers to†¦show more content†¦Women boycotted other goods and did their best to support their soldiers2. Some women were forced to host British soldiers, known as Red Coats, in their homes3, but they forbore and awaited the end of the war and the return of their husbands and sons as free, independent men. Other Revolutionary War women chose to leave the comforts of their homes behind and join the men at war. It was rare for a woman to take up arms and fight as a soldier, but they did as best they could, given their strict social roles. A prime example of this is Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley, better known as Molly Pitcher. She followed her soldier husband as he fought. Molly Pitcher earned her title at the Battle of Monmouth when she brought water to the fallen soldiers on the field4. Women were so taken with following the soldiers camp that the Women of the American Revolution calls the Camp-Followers one of Washingtons head-aches5. As was traditional during times of war, women took over their husbands roles during the American Revolution. Women learned to manage businesses, schools6, and farms. They boarded enemy soldiers, taught schools, conducted letter writing campaigns7, and enacted political activity. Yet, all of this came to a halt when the Americans won the war and the British retreated. The rights these brave women hadShow MoreRelated Womens Roles During Times of War and Virginia Woolfs Three Guineas2915 Words   |  12 PagesWomens Roles During Times of War and Virginia Woolfs Three Guineas With the prevalence of war goddesses in most traditions from China to Greece to Ireland, women have been separated from the front lines of war for centuries. The goddesses, the divine representations of women in the ideal, are torn between dual roles: that of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and just war, and that of Vesta, goddess of hearth and home. These two roles, warrior and mother, are not necessarily as very differentRead MoreWomen’s Role in Wwi: Before and After1357 Words   |  6 PagesWorld War I made a colossal impact on all aspects of human life and almost everyone in Europe was affected by this impact to different degrees as a consequence. One group in particular, most often illustrated as a real turning point, largely in enfranchisement and employment, were women. The outbreak of WWI saw a number of unexpected changes take place within the common social strata. These changes were prompted by the fact that a new wave of social-thinking was taking shape and eventually affectedRead MoreWomen During The Centuries Of Women1534 Words   |  7 PagesWomen Throughout the Centuries Women have held essential roles in society for centuries. In the beginning of most civilizations and colonies in the U.S., women were seen as inferiors to men, but over time women slowly gained more rights and became of more importance to society. Women started out as being viewed as subordinate beings who were to be useful by tending to families, the household, and gather and prepare food. Soon, with wars and other conflicts, women took on tasks thought to be â€Å"men’sRead MoreWomen and their Involvement in World War II Essay787 Words   |  4 PagesInvolvement in World War II Women had a huge role in the World War II that so many do not recognize. Women were involved in many different jobs that allowed them to step out of the ordinary norm as the â€Å"typical housewife†, and dive into fierce hardworking jobs that until then only a man could do. Women jumped into the factories and many different roles that contributed to World War II, because the need for more American workers was crucial. A few roles of women prior to the World War I consisted ofRead MoreWomens Roles Prior to World War I1404 Words   |  6 PagesWomens role before World War 1 Prior to the First World War, the jobs men and women held were based primarily on societal constructions of gender: men typically had free choice of their profession and the direction they went hinged largely on their social standing whereas women in the workforce were segregated to work in very specific fields. These fields were largely based on the roles women traditionally held in the home including: housework and textiles. In Great Britain , for example, the majorityRead MoreWorld War I Was A New Kind Of War1290 Words   |  6 PagesWorld War I was a new kind of war. Millions of men were recruited, and millions were killed, wounded, and missing. This changed the lives and roles of each gender, for good and bad. World War I changed the expectations and roles of men at home and on the battlefield. For women, professions, at home and on the frontlines, rights, social behavior, and cultural behavior changed permanently. World War I pressured men into viewing enlistment as a patriotic/nationalistic and masculine right of passageRead MoreEssay on Changing Womens Roles1570 Words   |  7 PagesWomen started to challenge their domestic roles over time by using the war, westward expansion and abolitionist movements and by ultimately taking advantage of the liberties they were given. Because they were proven to be sufficiently skillful in activites during the Revolution and Civil War they were able to expand their roles after the war both socially and also in education. From the time the abolition and temperance movements started in the early 1830s, women, both white and black, startedRead MoreWomen s Role During Wwii1345 Words   |  6 PagesWomen’s Role During WWII 1939-1945 Men were leaving, people were fighting, and many were dying. World War II was one of the hardest times, and during that difficult time, women stepped up their roles and had a huge impact during the war. The women during World II in the United States and in Europe impacted the war by taking different jobs and becoming employed in the workforce, working in the home with normal household responsibilities while supporting the men oversees, and entering into the militaryRead MoreWomen During World War II1731 Words   |  7 PagesThe beginning of World War II saw Australians see war on their shores for the first time, as well as having to travelling overseas to fight another war. It required young men to leave their country to fight, this affected the women who were left behind. World War II started in 1939 and ended in 1945. World War II was a large world conflict. During this world conflict Australia was under the threat of attack for the first time. When the war started there was a lac k of man power on the home front whichRead MoreHow the Two World Wars Altered the Independence of Women1095 Words   |  4 PagesBefore America was involved in the well-known wars of our time, many women were living their lives as oppressed housewives. With the changes that occurred throughout the two world wars, women had the chance to break out of their ordinary lifestyles and prove themselves worthy of something more than the housewife stereotype. Each world war brought on a different opportunity for the women of that time period. Women’s increasing roles during the two world wars were made apparent through their lifestyles

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The Dilemma Of Dido And Aeneas - 1775 Words

Many things can be said about the Aeneid and what all of it means. For me, I only have a few things to say about it all. I only want to explain the tragedy of Juno and her desperate gambit to resist fate. I wish to evaluate on how Dido and Aeneas were two similar leaders, but how Dido was destined to fall due to a difference in interests and why her she killed herself. I seek to discuss on how mankind has always had the madding desire to seek more and how this desire drives us all. I intended to expand upon how humanity can achieve great success, but only when it is willing to sacrifice something of equal magnitude. Lastly, I will show how everything that I mentioned in this paper can be related to our own lives, how the book Aeneid is like an incomplete reflection of humanity’s history. Never displaying the whole picture to its last detail and slightly distorted, but discernible enough to realize that the image of the reflection is without a doubt our own. Juno, the wife of J upiter and the queen of the Roman gods. Juno’s importance to the story comes from the role she had played in the Trojan War, the war that had ended at the beginning of the story and the event that started Aeneas’s journey and the creation of Rome. The tale of the Aeneid portrays Juno as the main antagonist of the story and personifies her as female wrath given divine power. She constantly interferes with Aeneas’s journey to Italy and has tried multiple times to stop his quest through various means.Show MoreRelatedThe Aeneid : The Struggle Of Establishing An Empire1136 Words   |  5 PagesThe Aeneid, the famous epic poem written by Virgil, depicts the struggle of establishing an empire. The beginning of The Aeneid introduces Aeneas, son of the goddess Venus, whose fate is to find a new home in Italy after the fall of Troy. Throughout the perilous journey, Aeneas faces great obstacles as he strives to fulfill his prophecy and gradually transform into the ideal V irgilian hero. To emphasize his growth, I will discuss three themes in this essay: the extent of free will as it relates toRead MoreThe Aeneid is a poem written by the ancient Roman poet Virgil during the height of the Roman900 Words   |  4 Pagesage. The poem highlights the resiliency, bravery, and selflessness of Aeneas, a Trojan hero who leads his people away from Troy and on a journey to eventually found Rome. In the Aeneid, Virgil asserts the importance of one’s commitment to duty, and this assertion reveals that ancient Romans valued and admired one’s commitment to duty above all other character traits. In the beginning of Virgil’s Aeneid, a storm causes Aeneas’ ship to wreck near Carthage, a civilization located on the northern shoreRead More The Roles of Greek and Roman Women Essay1665 Words   |  7 Pagespresents many different people that play roles in the life of Aeneas. From gods and goddesses to mortal men and women, every personality has some precise part to play in Aeneas impersonal fate. Of the many different characters, several are women. In fact, after reading the Aeneid it becomes clear that women play a particularly large role in Aeneas life. From Juno to Venus, and Penelope to Lavinia, women seem to directly affect Aeneas destiny for good or for worse. However, one can also see thatRead MoreGreek And Roman Epic Poetry2910 Words   |  12 Pagesunauthorized aid on this assignment. Caius Mergy According to Virgil’s Aeneid, the Rome of Caesar Augustus proves that the impression that gods exist and care for human beings is â€Å"nothing but a picture† (1.659) . Within the first half of the Aeneid, Aeneas seems to have no understanding of his fate or Rome’s fate. On the one hand, he misinterprets Dido’s frieze and does not comprehend how the line of heroes presented by Anchises relates to the Rome of Caesar Augustus. On the other hand, between booksRead MoreComparing Livy And Aeneas And The Ancient World1871 Words   |  8 Pagesstresses the importance of Livy and Aeneas’ literary works about the pre-history of Rome. Both Livy and Aeneas constructed masterworks of literature that would be read by man for over two millennia. What these two authors composed would shape and construct what it truly meant to be Roman, not only to those living during the era, but to those living in the far future as well. The straight facts about past kings by Livy, and the telling tale of an epic hero named Aeneas by Virgil both portrayed the importanceRead MoreThe Trials Faced By Such Characters As Aeneas905 Words   |  4 PagesHightower 1 Queen Hightower Professor Mitchell World Literature 24 September 2017 Think of the trials faced by such characters as Aeneas (his relationship with Dido) and Arjuna (required to fight friends and family). Compare and contrast how at least two of these protagonists address and/or try to overcome these dilemmas. Arjuna is a Pandeva prince preparing for the battle at Kurukshetra. Krishna, supreme personality on the godhead, agrees to be Arjuna’s charioteer. Arjuna realizes that the people

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We Learn Culture Through Communication - 978 Words

Culture is not something you’re born with, like blue eyes or black hair; culture is something you learn through communication (O Hair Wiemann, pg.67, 2011). Culture also includes your continued way of thinking, feeling and behaving. Just as we learn culture through communication, we also use communication to express our culture (O Hair Wiemann, pg.68, 2011). As a child I observed all of my mother’s behaviors. From observing my mother I quickly learned three things respect, independence and honesty. Many say I am very independent just as my mother is. Within cultures, there are co-cultures. Co-cultures are groups whose members share at least some of the general culture’s system of thought and behavior, but which have distinct characteristics or group attitudes that both unify them and distinguish them from the general culture. Some co-cultures are defined by interest, activities, opinions, or by membership in particular organizations (O Hair Wiemann, pg.80, 20 11). There are several co-cultures in which I identify. I am an African American woman, student, mother, daughter, sister, Christian, quiet and very outgoing person. I enjoy sports but do not play them. I also enjoy helping others. I value my family, friends and life itself. I may be African American but I associate with others that are white, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Italian and much more. Back in high school I was â€Å"shy† co-cultured but now I am more confident and don’t mind conversation with strangers. All ofShow MoreRelatedCommunication Is A Human Relationship Essay1593 Words   |  7 PagesCommunication is one of the most loosely defined terms in cultural studies. It encompasses a whole variety of experiences, events, actions and multitude happenings. The English world communication has been derived from latin word ‘communis’ which means to make common. In the simplest words, communication is a human relationship involving two or more persons who come to gether to share their views on a particular topic or to resolve a particular issue. The contemporary period has been labeled as theRead MoreThe Issue Of Language Boundaries838 Words   |  4 Pageswhen everybody enter to new culture. Everybody need struggle to communicate what they want to get necessary information regarding new culture. The findings suggest that the language barrier generates negative emotional. There are so many differences like Body languages, eating food, Cloths wearing, communication. This paper describes the most well known and accepted new cultural with international language. These theories consider relations between new people And new culture. Introduction The pointsRead MoreEssay on History Impacts Intercultural Communication632 Words   |  3 PagesImpacts Intercultural Communication †¢ Why would it be important to examine the role of history in Intercultural Communication? When we examine the role of history in Intercultural Communication, we gain an understanding of how our past influences our communication skills with people from other cultures. We need to learn and understand why we communicate the way we do. It can be very helpful in improving our relations with other cultures. Studying the histories of cultures that are different fromRead MoreDifferent Positive And Unique Aspects Of Intercultural Relationships1233 Words   |  5 Pagesof different cultures, ethnicities, gender and etc. It is interesting understanding other peoples beliefs as well as how they have lived there life’s. A positive aspect of intercultural relationships is the difference between the two people. I think it is interesting learning how other people think and how they were brought up. When you are in an intercultural relationship you get to understand how that person feels about certain situations that they have been through. You get to learn who that personRead MoreDifferences Between Cultures And Cultures1009 Words   |  5 PagesIn contemporary society, cultures from our daily lives. People adapt to their own culture and are interested in other cultures which are different from their own. Some people think the best way to learn about diverse cultures and traditions in t he world is by wearing fashions, hairstyles, or body jewelry from other cultures. Obviously, learning about the diverse cultures and traditions just by exterior appearance is a partial way to learn more about different cultures. Instead, better ways to understandRead MoreRelationship Between Language And Culture1678 Words   |  7 PagesLanguage in Culture The relationship between language and culture is as old as mankind itself. Throughout the centuries, people and their living practices have evolved, resulting in wide-reaching changes in socialite culture. According to many individuals around the world, language is one of the epitomes of life, a source of connection to or divorce from the face of public. Anyone who has had to navigate through the plethora tongues around the world knows that the revelations of the Tower of BabelRead MoreService Learning : Teaching And Learning1150 Words   |  5 Pageslearning method that allows students to integrate with the community. It is an idea to learn, experience and improve oneself while interacting with other foreign students. Through this experience, we can acknowledge different perspectives, values and diversities between two countries. For my service learning, I engaged in international events held at KCC, such as International Game Week and International Fair. Through these experiences and obstacles that I encountered along the way, it impacted the wayRead MoreIntercultural Interview1422 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION TO HUMAN COMMUNICATION Ââ€" SPRING 2007 PROFESSOR CIRAULO INTERCULTURAL INTERVIEW PAPER ASSIGNMENT: Achieving competence as an interpersonal communicator in a diverse society is necessary to your personal and professional success. One way to enhance our understanding of interpersonal communication as a relationship-building activity is to engage in first hand dialogue with people from cultures other than your own. This assignment gives you the opportunity to engage in the dualRead MoreDr Sue Savage Rumbaugh s Language Experiment Essay1531 Words   |  7 Pagesranking of primates. The definition of language can be used to determine the accuracy and validity of linguist, Chomsky’s claim. Language can be verbal as well as physical. It is the way by which we communicate, it is therefore a social tool. Communication is the exchange of information. Types of communication include speech, writing, facial expressions and sign language. In this essay I will particularly focus on Dr Sue Savage-Rumbaugh’s language experiment with Kanzi the bonobo, a relative of th e chimpRead MoreCritical Analysis Of Tuesdays With Morrie1620 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom him. After graduation Mitch became a busy man working many different jobs, while also getting married to his wife Janine. Mitch forgot many of the lessons that Morrie had taught him. During this time Mitch struggled with relationships and communication within his life. Morrie continued to teach at the University, where his life was full of laughter, dancing, eating, and teaching. He was diagnosed with ALS; this is when Morrie started living. He continued teaching, as he knew it was his last great

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Legal Aspects of International Trade and Enterprise ASE

Question: Discuss about theLegal Aspects of International Trade and Enterprisefor ASE. Answer: Overview of Company and Industry Western Australian farmers cooperative was established in 1914 as cooperative for providing services and products to western Australian farmers. The same got listed on ASE in 1984 and took form of a major retail conglomerate. Wesfarmers operate in three industries Chemical, Energy and Fertilizers; Safety into Industrials division and Resources. The main objective of each industry is to recognize the growth in the scale of the group. Capabilities have been presented by all the operations which are group in Chemical in both domestic and international markets. The value of fertilizer industry to Australian economy is of great importance as the value additions provides boost to the agriculture sector. It is continuously growing in accordance with demand of the season. The main issue faced by this industry is that approx 20% of acre cropping industries have been declined along with 2/3 of grazing industries. The same factors have affected the company to a major extent. Wesfarmers resource s are one of the significant export miners, with investment in two-world scale open cut coal mines. It includes Curragh mine in Queens land Bowen Basin and 40% interest in Bengalla mine in Hunter Valley of New South Wales. The company operates in areas such as supermarket; liquor; home improvement; energy and fertilizers; office supplies; hotel and convenience stores and industrial and safety products coal. Coles provides services relating to supermarket and also provide services through online stores through which services are provided all the time with an ease. In 2016 total revenue of $66,216,000,000 was earned including sales and revenue. It has 220000 employees in Australia comprising employees under all the subsidiaries under companys control. The countries in which company operates are Australia, Bangladesh, Ireland, New Zealand and United Kingdom. The headquarter of company is in Australia at 40 The Esplanade Perth, Western Australia. Regular Framework Affecting the Company International Law It can be said as a body of rules and norms for the activities that are carried outside the legal boundaries of a state (Badescu, 2016). Generally three international relationships are governed under this i.e.: Between states and states. Between states and person. Between persons and persons. International tribunals generally are treat municipal law as subservient to international law and make efforts for bringing municipal law in compliance with international norms. In most of the countries customary international law is adopted in accordance with the doctrine of incorporation. In any situation, once municipal courts determine that international law is to be applied to a specific case than the same is treated as a law and not fact. According to the views of Buckley and Casson (2016) MEAs are important environmental standards applicable to multinational corporations and that too are dependent on national laws. In case any MNC fails to apply required law on a local level the same would be liable for state liability and government is having power to impose strong stimulus on polluters. General absence of provisions relating to international environment liability is reflected by assessing the failure in including provision relating to liability for most major multilateral environment agreements between countries. The growth of international environmental law is treated as separate area of public international law from 1970 with Stockholm Conference on the Environment in 1972. The main objective behind the same was to emphasize adequate environmental responsibility on multinational corporations. Therefore, for renouncement from future legal obligation is a precondition for MNCs for ensuring a stable investment environment (Cavusgi and 2014). OECD The organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development was established in 1961 for providing a platform through which government can work together in order to share experience and resolve the common problems. According to its provisions enterprises should act within the framework of laws, regulations and policies in the countries in which they are operating (Dunning, 2014). For considering the relevant international agreements, objectives and principals companies are required to protect environmental, health and safety of general public for operating activities in order to contribute for a wider goal of sustainable environment. The specific norms which have to be followed by multinational companies are: It is necessary that an enterprise should contribute to environmental, economic and social progress with the object of achieving sustainable development. Encourage development of human capital through providing facilities and opportunities relating to employees (Hamilton and Webster, 2015). Make effort to refrain from discriminatory actions against workers who inform the practices adopted by organisation contravening the applicable law to management or other authorities. Developing plans for preventing, mitigating and controlling serious damage to environmental due to their operations comprising policies for immediate reporting for competent authorities. While addressing decision of the company, the foreseeable environmental, safety and health relating impacts evolved with the procedures and operations of company should be considered during their full life cycle with a view of avoiding them (Hufbauer, Jung, Moran and Vieiro, 2015). Impact of International Law on Wesfarmers Australias anti-dumping provisions have not been used by the company for protection against legitimate import competition. In case the same was being followed by company consumer price as well as business input cost would have increased but as proposal for reverse the onus has been given; the same represent that the importer is obliged to prove that dumping is not occurring. The same also prove that the provisions are not in contrary with the rules of World Trade Organization. Generally, GST of 10% is paid over most of the goods but on the goods which are exported outside Australia; no GST is paid and even the company are having right to claim credit for the GST which have been included in the purchase price of goods and services. The same benefit is availed by the company in case the goods are exported to the other international stores. However, the same benefit is available only if the goods are exported within 60 days. The company has prepared its books of accounts in accordance with Corporation Act 2001, AAS and pronouncements of AASB and International Financial Reporting Standards issues by IASB for complying with the provision of international law (Annual Report. Wesfarmers, 2016). Treaties, Conventions or Agreement Impacted Products and Services of Multinational Companies Existing tax treaties have provided a good measure of protection against double taxation and avoidance of fiscal evasion. The new bilateral tax treaty have been completely amended and revised current existed treaty through which improved integrity measures will be achieved. As per the views of Kaczorowska (2015), it has been specifically revised in areas like updated rules for exchange information relating to taxation and anti-avoidance and particularly limitation of benefits rule. Due to the renegotiated treaty effective outcome will be provided to stake holders and the same would contribute to Australia ageing treaty network. Corporate Tax A company is resident in Australia for the purpose of income tax purpose in following cases: Incorporated in Australia. Control management from Australia and carries on business in Australia or in other country An Australia corporate has to pay 30% general corporate tax for its worldwide assessable income (Lloyd, 2014). Taxation of Foreign Arrangements These are the measures which specify the manner in which foreign exchange gain and loss are evaluated and provide details relating to strict timing rules for ascertaining when foreign exchange gains and losses are to be recognised for the purpose of tax purpose (Mingst and Arregun, 2013). Environmental Law: State and Territories are mostly responsible for regulation and management of natural resources, pollution, and land used and developed State and Territories are mostly responsible for regulation and management of natural resources, pollution, land used and developed and cultural heritage. The authorities are having power for investigation and remediation of contaminated sites. According to Picciotto (2017), even severe penalties and compensations are imposed on the organisations, directors and employees for pollution as well as contamination offences. Provisions are also available for organizations which have made attempt to destruct native fauna and native vegetation as the same is prohibited on private land. Regulation of subdivisions relating to commercial industries, building construction and other areas are available in State legislation and the same is compulsory to be followed by all the corporations including MNCs. Other Provisions Enterprise should not contribute to adverse affect on matters covered by OECD guidelines; through their own activities and in case any such impact occurs, it should be addressed appropriately (Radebaugh, 2014). An effort should be made by organisations for mitigating negative impact which is directly related to operation, services and products provided by organisation or through business relationships (Roberts and 2016). As per the views of Subedi (2016), it is necessary that organisation ensure appropriate information disclosure relating to material matters relating to structure, financial position, ownership and governance. The information should be provided in accordance with the nature, size location and by considering business confidentiality and other competitive concerns. Impact of these Conventions and Policies on Product and Services of company Wesfarmers have contributed and promoted international best practices and principles relating to competition policy provided in Business Council of Australia. The purpose of competition law is to protect competition for the benefit of customer. The company is a diverse group of companies which thrive on competition, thus the same support those competitive policies and not protect the business from competition (SUSTAINABILITY REPORT. Wesfarmers, 2016). Ethical sourcing audit program has been adopted by the company for the purpose of mitigating risk relating to unethical practices occurring in procedure followed for goods and services provided by it. Bunnings material ethical sourcing is relating to acquiring sustainable timber and wood products (Submission from Wesfarmers to Competition Policy Review Issue Paper, 2014). It has been made sure that all the products are confirmed as originated from low risk sources comprising plantation, verified legal or certified responsible source for est. All the timber products have been sourced from independently verified forest. The same are verified from Forest Stewardship Council and PEFC. The criterion which is being adopted by Boards assessment of independence for ascertaining materiality of facts is in regard with ASX principals. The same is being applied in correspondence with Australia Accounting Standards and International corporate governance standard. The main focus is made by the company on sustainability in ethical sourcing and the same is done through increasing transparency of products across the supply chain of product whether domestic or international. The company is aware regarding the importance of environment and the critical efforts which are being made for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the business is actively evolved in managing contaminated sites and the company indulge the remediation of those contaminated sites which were owned by Wesfarmers. Management appropriately monitors compliance with the risk management system and processes on a continuous basis for assessing the effectiveness in the system. The Coles Farm program is made available for the customers and suppliers so that it can improve accessibility and monitor environmental operations and support best- practices relating to farming. The company has adopted policies for reducing environmental impact for due to the store system of organisation though energy efficiency initiatives, waste diversion. The environmental responsibilities are appropriately understood by the office works. The same is operated beyond the products are being dispatched from the stores by continuing the circular economy by performing recycling programs. It can be accessed through analysing the increase in no. of printer cartridges from fifty thousand to approximately ninety eight thousand. Improvement has also been done by the management in energy efficiency by rollout of LED lighting in additional forty stores. Continuous improvement programs have been upgraded for reducing the overall impact of operations on the environment. Preference has been given to hundred percent recycled content which assures that wood products are used to the minimum extent. For reducing the impact of organisation on environment investment is done in the resources so that energy consumption can be reduced. Efforts are made to increase in the volume of waste recycled in the stores and even customers are encouraged to recycle to t he maximum extent. All the conventions and provision relating to environment has been followed by the company and the same has been appropriately reported in the sustainability report. References Books and Journal Badescu, V.S., 2016. European Business Law Challenges in the Global Economy. Knowledge Horizons. Economics, 8(1),P.164. Buckley, P.J. and Casson, M., 2016. The future of the multinational enterprise. Springer. Cavusgil S.T. and 2014. International business. Pearson Australia. Dunning, J.H., 2014. The Globalization of Business (Routledge Revivals): The Challenge of the 1990s. Routledge. Hamilton, L. and Webster, P., 2015. The international business environment. Oxford University Press, USA. Hufbauer, G.C., Jung, E., Moran, T. and Vieiro, M., 2015. The OECD's' Action Plan'to Raise Taxes on Multinational Corporations. Kaczorowska-Ireland, A., 2015. Public international law. Routledge. Lloyd, I., 2014. Information technology law. Oxford University Press, USA. Mingst, K.A. and Arregun-Toft, I.M., 2013. Essentials of International Relations: Sixth International Student Edition. WW Norton Company. Picciotto, S. 2017. Taxing multinational enterprises as unitary firms. Radebaugh, L.H., 2014. Environmental factors influencing the development of accounting objectives, standards and practices in Peru. The international Journal of Accounting Education and Research. Urbana, 11(1). Pp.39-56. Roberts, P., Sykes, H. and Granger, R. eds., 2016. Urban regeneration. Sage. Subedi, S.P., 2016. International investment law: reconciling policy and principle. Bloomsbury Publishing. Online Annual Report. Wesfarmers. 2016. [PDF]. Available through [Accessed on 27th April 2017] SUSTAINABILITY REPORT. Wesfarmers. 2016. [PDF] Available through [Accessed on 27th April 2017] Submission from Wesfarmers to Competition Policy Review Issue Paper. 2014. [PDF]. Available throug . [Accessed on 27th April 2017]

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Public Speaking Skills free essay sample

They may each have an index card with a few key words Jotted down. These speeches have to be spoken, not read or memorized. That way they will speak with more enthusiasm, ore meaning In their words, and use their eyes for eye contact with the audience Instead of looking down at a paper reading words. Speaking Skills On your speakers checklist on page 17 In your Instructors Manual, we have listed the speaking skills in the Speakers Check List. You can make copies this check list for your students. Here are some of the most important public speaking skills.Storytelling Skills: Storytelling captures your audiences imagination. Your students should tell a story so that the audience can visualize it, as if they are painting pictures with their words. When you are giving a speech and you switch to telling a story, you can almost feel that the mood of the room changes as people give their full attentive to the story. We will write a custom essay sample on Public Speaking Skills or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page * Eye Contact: With eye contact, they will connect with their audience. Ask your students to look at one person for a sentence, and then look at another person for the next sentence.Establish eye contact with one person at a time, rather than looking at the group In general. * Gestures: Gestures should be with their arms. Encourage your students to use large gestures. * Vocal Variety: Vocal variety means not only the pitch, whether Its a high pitch or a low pitch, but It also means the speed and the pace, the enthusiasm, the loudness, the softness as participate by looking at the speaker and concentrating on the message so that they can evaluate the speech. That means all desks or tables are cleared of papers or anything thats distracting. To encourage good listening skills, the instructor can write down some questions about the content of the speech to ask the class after the speech is over. Evaluating the Speeches with Positive Feedback Students learn good presentation skills from watching and evaluating other classmates. However, I believe that it is essential to only point out the positive aspects of the speech. Pointing out negative aspects can be very demoralizing as teenagers are very sensitive to criticism. Instead, make some notes of the negative. Then, as preparation for the next speech you can bring up those points in general.In this way, you keep the atmosphere positive and everyone feeling safe to express themselves. After each speech, ask each speaker, What did you like about your speech? and then ask the audience, What did you like about Marry speech? After each speech, give the students in the audience index cards. They write the speakers name at the top of the card and a sentence or two bout what they liked about the speech. Then they give these cards to the speaker. *As a guide, you can use the Speakers Check List on page 17 of your Instructors Manual.Speech # 1: Impromptu Speech (Page 19) Speech No. 1 is an impromptu speech. It only lasts a minute or two. The objective of this speech is to give the students their first opportunity to speak in front of a group in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. First, ask your students to write their own introductions. And, since these are fun, creative, or even silly, speeches, they can write a short, fun introduction about themselves. Then assign each student an introducer who will read the introduction word for word. Each introduction should end with, And now lets welcome Followed by applause to welcome the speaker. Next, students write a creative topic of their choice on a small piece of paper something funny or silly. For example: pink bunny rabbits, the new kid on the block, a mysterious blue ball Just anything in their creative imagination. Then they wad up their papers into a ball and throw these snowballs to the front of the room. The person speaking goes up to the front of the room and chooses a snowball that bevels their topic. Then the introducer for that speaker does the introduction, followed by the speakers impromptu speech.Speech #4: Graduation Speech -A Great Leader- (Pages 23 and 24) Speech No. 4 is your students graduation speech and will be about -A Great Leader- of their choice. The person could be someone in the students personal life a grandfather, a relative or a close friend, someone in public view, or someone in history. The speech should be approximately five minutes long. It is important to give your students at least a few days to work on that speech. If you re spread out over a semester, you might want to give them a few weeks to work on their graduation speech.Ask your students to tell you the name of their chosen leader ahead of time, so that you dont have two people speaking about the same point accompanied by a story, a quote or an example. This speech must include: * A quote from the leader (the quote can be in the opening or anywhere in the speech. ) * A story that illustrates the quality that the leader has that they admire. * End with a call to action. (Something that the audience can do with the inspiration of this great leader. Your students may also use the black board, make a poster, or bring a prop to illustrate a point in their speeches.Rehearse Be sure to allow enough time for your students to prepare and rehearse their speech. The best way for them to rehearse is in groups of three or four people. This will give them more confidence as they practice doing their speech. As with the other three speeches, the students should speak and not read or memorize their speeches. However, each student may write the quotation of the leader they are speaking about, on one index card. In addition they may write a key word or two to bring to mind the story or example that they are going to be talking about.They should speak as if they are having a conversation, using good eye contact and the other skills that they practiced in previous speeches. Invite Parents, Administrators, and Guests Graduation is a great opportunity to invite parents to hear the presentations. Also, its an opportunity to give the students their graduation certificate for the Leadership course. This certificate is on the Course Overview page of this web site for you to download and print out for each student. Since this is their graduation ceremony, o will not do evaluations.Video Tape Speeches Videotape the speeches so that you have a recording of the graduation. They love to see the recordings of their speeches. You might want to record the previous speeches as well. That way they can see how theyve improved in their speaking ability. You have now completed Lesson 3: Public Speaking. Your students will gain confidence in public speaking as they learn how to connect with their audience during their four speeches. Be sure to read all the information on this web page as it includes additional information to help you use the manual.

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The Argument of Abortion †Philosophy Essay

The Argument of Abortion – Philosophy Essay Free Online Research Papers The Argument of Abortion Philosophy Essay In On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion, Mary Anne Warren discusses a few arguments against abortion, namely bringing into play whether the fetus is actually a person, or â€Å"not a member of the moral community†. She defends that abortion is a morally sound action. Don Marquis, in his essay An Argument that Abortion is Wrong, takes the opposite stance. He claims â€Å"that abortion, except perhaps in rare instances, is seriously wrong†. The first thing we read in Warren’s article is the thought experiment first conceived by Judith Thomson. It’s an analogy that uses a normal person, male or female, and a famous violinist. Let’s say the Society of Music Lovers kidnaps you, and hooks you up to this dying violinist. If you choose to unhook yourself, the violinist will die, but if you let him stay hooked up to you to use your kidneys (for a period of nine months), then he will be cured and both of you will be free. Thomson asks what a person’s obligations in this situation are, and, to be consistent with Warren’s argument, she says it would be ridiculous to be stay in bed with the violinist, and thus you are able to leave at any time. You shouldn’t feel responsible for the death of the violinist. But Marquis, in his essay, points out that, while good for dealing with abortions due to rape, the analogy doesn’t hold up. Thomson draws to our attention that in pregnancy a fetus uses the woman’s body for life-support, but the woman doesn’t use a fetus’s body for life support. Thus, in an abortion the life that is lost is the fetus’s, not the woman’s. This leaves us with a standoff. I think this overall analogy is not significantly helpful for either side of the argument. Warren then discusses whether or not abortion is actually the killing of a â€Å"person†, calling into question when a fetus matures to the point of personhood. She defines the moral community as having some (the more the better) of these six characteristics: sentience (capacity to have conscious experiences), emotionality (capacity to feel sad, angry, happy, etc.), reason (capacity to solve new and relatively complex problems), capacity to communicate (by any means), self-awareness (concept of oneself), and finally moral agency (capacity to regulate one’s own actions). This is clearly very sketchy, because infants and mentally or physically challenged people are still referred to and thought of as â€Å"people†, or â€Å"members of the moral community†, despite a lack of many of these traits. Both articles address this idea of personhood, but neither one really wins. The good thing with defining personhood biologically- saying it’s a person at conception- quantifies it†¦it gives a definitive time, not some subjective date when certain sentient or reasoning qualities are met, and this lessens the confusion. But I still agree somewhat with the view held by Warren that fetuses can’t reason or fend for themselves nor (until cerebral development) do really anything other than exist. So again, I don’t think either side has a stronger case, because both Warren and Marquis have points that basically offset one another. An interesting thing that Marquis then does is go on to talk about FLO, or â€Å"future like ours†. He claims that killing deprives a person of a future that is like ours, and says that abortion is killing a fetus that will have a future like ours. Taking someone’s entire future away from them is the worst of crimes, and he argues that abortion is this kind of deprivation of future. Killing an adult is an awful thing to do because it takes away that adult’s future, a future that is of great value. The same goes for aborted fetuses- they had a future that would be valued but it was taken away from them. Warren also argues that a woman has a right to life, so she can make a decision that she sees fit, since her body belongs to her and only her. In response to this, Marquis says that, except during rape (when he believes it is permissible), a fetus has just as much of a right to life as the woman, and therefore an abortion is wrong. Marquis concludes that abortion is seriously wrong, except in unusual cases (rape, incest, and possible death of the mother). Depriving an FLO shows how wrong killing an adult is, and since fetuses have an FLO, killing them is just as bad. Warren concludes that fetuses are neither persons nor members of the moral community. She does not think that the fetus’s resemblance to a person nor the potential for becoming a person is a good enough claim to say it has an equal right to life. Marquis agrees with Warren inasmuch as the pregnancy is due to rape or other unusual condition, so there is no argument there. The argument over personhood is a much better one, and I think that both sides have a very strong position and arguments. On one side there is the lack of human traits to make a fetus a person, and on the other there is a biological definition of life which occurs at conception. It is nearly impossible to determine who’s argument is stronger, because I can see how both sides can work. As for the woman’s rights, I think again it is two-sided. Neither side really comes away with a clear-cut victory. Warren argues that a woman can do whatever she wants with her body because it is her body but Marquis suggests that that cannot include killing a fetus (with an FLO). Overall I believe that Warren has stronger arguments, although I don’t necessarily agree with them. I think it is morally correct to carry the baby for nine months and then give it up for adoption or something like that, but that is such an unbelievably huge burden to put on someone, so I can understand where an abortion might need to take place. So, I feel that Mary Anne Warren gives stronger arguments only because she explains them in much more detail, allowing the reader to at least understand where she is coming from, whereas Don Marquis just tells us what his views are with little information to back them up. Abortion is a very difficult topic to discuss or write upon, and, even though I disagree with her, I think Warren did a better job to explain what her views on abortion were and where they came from. 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Economics for Business and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 4

Economics for Business and Management - Essay Example eate irregularities such as economic slumps are caused because of government trade restrictions, excessive power of trade unions and monetary policies of governments. The French economist J.B. was a prominent support of market system and in the early nineteenth century he argued, â€Å"Every seller brings a buyer to market†, which means supply establishes its own demand (The Socialist Party, 1997). Four major factors can determine how effectively market system can work. These factors include the profit motive, availability of information to producers and consumers, accurate pricing and ease in distributing resources (Bized). Free market system has the tendency to allocate resources where the most profit can be generated because profit generation is the primary motive of market system and the system naturally explores the areas which can maximise the profits. Moreover, supporters of market system argue that price mechanism is the best way for the efficient allocation of limited resources. McConnell, Brue and Flynn (2009) have identified three merits of market system which attracts the support of people and make this system as the best way to improve investment climate. First, the efficient allocation of resources in the market system is possible because this system encourages the production of products most needed by the society. This system encourages the adoption of techniques which are more efficient from production point-of-view and also promotes the adoption of latest techniques. Second, the three skills promoted by market system include hard work, acquisition and innovation. Third, market system gives personal freedom rather than central planning which encourages self-interest of entrepreneurs. Various examples in the real world economy justify the beliefs of the supporters of market system. Soviet Russia and various command economies have incorporated various reforms such as private ownership to reduce government control and central planning. Even the